General Objective


The Joint Action NFP4Health aims at creating and maintaining an innovative ecosystem to facilitate and support European countries in achieving the priorities of the health objectives set for the period 2021-2027.

Specific Objectives


  1. To provide input to support the implementation of the future programmeEU4Health programme
  2. To orient competent authorities to European programmes that (also) address health and support them in their multi-programme approach.
  3. To support the competent authorities in the multi-programme approach within the framework of funding managed at national/regional/local level.
  4. To develop the capacity of NFPs with respect to the implementation of the newEU4Health programme and related instruments
  5. To contribute at increasing the “take up” of EU funding and the use of Commission instruments at national and regional level, to support public health policies through dedicated and sustainable services under the Multiannual Financial Framework
Expected Results


  • Definition of a common minimum standard that defines the role of the NFP
  • Implementation of the EU4Health programme at national level
  • Establishment of a sustainable strategy and shared long-term objectives
  • Creating a structured synergy between NFPs
  • Increased sustainability of health systems
  • Better use of the new areas and instruments of theEU4Health programme