JANF4Health’s Work Plan
WP1 - Project Coordination


This WP is aimed at ensuring that the JA reaches its objectives, in the given contractual timeframe and budget.


  • To set up, from the beginning of the project, basic protocols for smart project management and reporting
  • To implement a frequent monitoring and internal communication among partners back-to-back to the Communication WP. This will be useful for anticipating the potential deviations from the work plan and take action in advance
  • To establish an efficient and smooth communication channel between JA consortium and EU Executive Agency and EC
  • To comply with the mandatory requirements in terms of reporting, submission of deliverables and other administrative and legal aspects


WP2 - Dissemination and Communication


The main aim of WP2 is to facilitate coherent, effective and sustainable external and internal communication of the Joint Action and to ensure that its objectives, activities, results and deliverables are known to both the project partners and all other stakeholders of the action. 


  • To ensure that the results and deliverables of the JA are properly communicated and disseminated via the most appropriate and effective dissemination channels
  • To actively identify and engage stakeholders throughout the course of the project in order to ensure that the results of the project are applicable and appropriate to stakeholders
  • To set up multiple dissemination and communication channels and tools to articulate key messages and to disseminate outputs, recommendations and deliverables of the JA to appropriate target audience


WP3 - Evaluation


WP3 is focused on ensuring that the JA reaches its specific objectives, and resources utilisation. For this purpose, a quantitative and qualitative assessment as well as a continuos evaluation will be carried out. 


  • To follow up, assess and monitor the project performance of key outputs – i.e. completed and verified deliverables and milestones are achieved as planned to ensure a smart implementation of the joint action as well as that the resources utilisation are used as planned and costs as budgeted
  • To evaluate the outcomes of the joint action within the frame of the implementation of the EU4Health programme, to analyze the added value of such sort of action for all the stakeholders


WP4 - Sustainability and Integration in national policies


WP4 aims to support the implementation of the EU4Health Programme by finding an agreement on minimum common standards.


  • To define the role of National Focal Points (NFPs)
  • To integrate lessons learned from evidence-based policy initiatives and key recommendations arising also from the sustainability work packages of ongoing or terminated linked joint actions


WP5 - Support synergies with other health – related EU funds/programmes


The activities of WP5 aim to promote synergies between EU4Health NFPs and NFPs/NCPs of other health-related EU funds and programmes (HREUFPs) to support the establishment of national networks and enhance knowledge for health-related EU funding at national level to promote a multi-programme approach. 


  • To map current interactions among of EU4Health NFPs and NFPs/NCPs of HREUFPs at national level
  • To support EU4Health NFPs with respect to national strategies towards HREUFP synergies and promote the establishment of respective networks
  • To identify recommendations that could contribute to enhancing implementation-level synergies with NFPs/NCPs of other HREUFPs


WP6 - Capacity Building for National Focal Points


WP6 aims at reinforcing knowledge and skills of NFPs responsible for the brand new EU4Health programme and its wider scope with its new areas, new instruments, as well as possibilities and synergies offered by other EU health related instruments. 


  • To have more knowledgeable and skilled NFPs in the Member States and associated countries
  • To support equal opportunities to access to the EU4Health Programme for all Member States
  • To cover the gap of knowledge for NFPs in the transition from the old to the new programme by delivering a training plan targeting all NFPs