Adopted on 25 November 2020, the Pharmaceutical Strategy for Europe aims at creating a future proof regulatory framework and at supporting industry in promoting research and technologies that actually reach patients in order to fulfill their therapeutic needs while addressing market failures. It will also take into account the weaknesses exposed by the coronavirus pandemic and take appropriate actions to strengthen the system.

It will be based on 4 pillars, which include legislative and non-legislative action:

  • ensuring access to affordable medicines for patients, and addressing unmet medical needs (in the areas of antimicrobial resistance and rare diseases, for example);
  • supporting competitiveness, innovation and sustainability of the EU’s pharmaceutical industry and the development of high quality, safe, effective and greener medicines;
  • enhancing crisis preparedness and response mechanisms, diversified and secure supply chains, address medicines shortages;
  • ensuring a strong EU voice in the world, by promoting a high level of quality, efficacy and safety standards.

This initiative is in line with the new Industrial Strategy for Europe and the priorities outlined in the European Green DealEurope’s Beating Cancer Plan, the European Digital Strategy.